Launch event of the book "BREAST CANCER GLOBAL QUALITY CARE" by Prof. D. Verhoeven







      Buying a book is highly appreciated (nearly €45)

Scientific event with lunch


Godefriduskaai 30 - 2000 Antwerpen

8.30 - 9.00

Welcome (coffee / pastries)

9.00 - 13.00 

Scientific meeting

Chair: Dr. L. Tucker, US / Prof. D. Verhoeven, Belgium

9.00 - 10.45

Comprehensive: 15 minutes talk

Trends and inequity in BC worldwide - Prof. C. Allemani, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Pathology around the globe - Prof. S. Masood, University of Florida, US

Screening for who? - Dr. H. Junkermann, Univeristy of Heidelberg, Germany

Multidisciplinary meeting: Jewel in the crown - Prof. T. Sarantou, Levine Cancer Institute Charlotte, US

Relevance of 2nd opinion in Breast Pathology - Dr. L. Tucker, Biomedical Laboratories Virginia, US

10.45 - 11.15

Coffee break

11.15 - 13.00

Comprehensive: 15 minutes talk

Perspective from South Africa - Prof. C. Benn, Johannesburg, South Africa

Patient-reported health problems - Prof. S. Siesling, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Genetic revolution in breast care - Prof. M. Schmidt, Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to organize radiation therapy worldwide - Prof. P. Poortmans, Institut Curie Paris, France

Assessing cost and value for money - Prof. M. Joore, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

13.00 - 14.00


Academic session with reception


Kattendijkdok - Westkaai 16 - 2000 Antwerpen

16.00 - 16.30  Welcome
16.30 - 18.30 

Academic session

05’ Introduction - Prof. D. Verhoeven, Belgium

10' Mr. J. Jambon, Minister-President of the Government of Flanders

10’ Prof. H. van Goethem, Rector University of Antwerp

05’ Dr. B. Van Daele, Board of governors AZ Klina, Brasschaat

15’ Prof. R. Mansel, Cardiff, UK: “Breast centre certification”

15’ Prof. T. Sarantou, Charlotte, US: “A global initiative on quality”: “A global initiative on quality”

30' Prof. D. Verhoeven / Prof. S. Siesling

"Making of the book: The story" 

30' Panel discussion with editors and faculty members

18.30 - 20.00  Reception and signing of the book

More information: secretary oncology or +32 3 650 51 58

Registration is mandatory


zaterdag 07 december 2019 - 08:30
zaterdag 07 december 2019 - 20:00